HSR Introduces Wheels That Can Improve The Aerodynamics Of Cars

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DIKSIA.COM - The modification industry has been on the rise lately, driving demand for aftermarket product lines like .

Seeing this potential, the domestic alloy wheel brand HSR Wheel introduced that can improve the of vehicles: HSR Boafeo and .

Boafeo HSR is a racing-style wheel with ten straight bars that taper towards the edge of the rim. Due to this design, this impeller has a lower weight.

In addition, this type of wheel is equipped with a circular ring like a support ring. As a result, the wheels are stronger than external pressure or impacts.

Also this wheel is fitted with a large hexagonal hubcap and has two functions as a cover to cover the wheel nuts to give it a cleaner look and also as a clasp for additional covers.

In addition, the Aerotech HSR is a disc-shaped wheel cover, which is currently all the hype.

Aerotech is designed to control wind flow and improve , making cars look cooler and improving fuel efficiency.

, Marketing Director for HSR Wheels, said that the presence of would improve aerodynamics so the would be smoother as drag would be minimal.

“The manufacturing process for the Aerotech HSR is designed in great detail, paying attention to engineering design, strong materials and even the graphics so that consumers can be happier with the results and appear more confident with the appearance of the ,” Hendra said on Thursday (07/20/2023).

The Aerotech HSR is designed like a 3-piece construction bike. Starting with the wheels, keycaps and graphics, so it takes a long time to manufacture.

Currently it is only available for 15 and 16 inch ring rims with different attractive and fresh graphic design variations.

The Boafeo HSR is now available in ring sizes of 15 inches, 16 inches and 17 inches. Choice of 4×100, 4×114.3 and 5×114.3 PCD holes with ET42. Colors featured include silver, bronze, gun metal, and matte black.

The price for 1 set of Boafeo wheels can be purchased between Rp. 5,200,000 and Rp. 6,600,000 while for the HSR Aerotech it sells for Rp 6.000.000 – Rp 7.400.000.