Hyundai Has Not Prepared Any Specific Strategy To Deal With The Expansion Of Chinese Brands In Indonesia

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hyundai has not prepared any specific strategy to deal with the expansion of chinese brands in indonesia 955ae9d

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, The Indonesian market will receive new automotive industry players this year, such as China's Neta and brands, which will make their first appearances at the exhibition next August.

This situation shows that the competition in the automotive sector will become increasingly fierce. The latest innovations must be continuously promoted to attract consumers.

Woojune Cha, President and Director of PT Motors Indonesia (HMID), said that the entry of Chinese automobile companies into various countries is not only taking place in Indonesia at present, but has become a phenomenon in the world market.

“It's a global trend. Not only in Indonesian market, but also in other countries like America, Europe, in every market, in every country, the competition is getting tougher. Especially with Chinese brands. So we don't really care,” Woojune Cha said on Monday (07/17/2023).

His party has no concrete strategy for dealing with competitors from China who are currently busy breaking into the Indonesian market and will continue to focus on developing the best products.

With this determination, is ready to compete with any competitor.

“I just want to say that we are doing our best and like in other markets we are ready. So it is no longer a particular problem. It's a global trend. Same competition, same trend in every other market. There is no specific strategy against Chinese brands,” he said.

Indomobil brings Havas to GIIAS

The automotive brand from China, , will set foot in Indonesia and will be presented for the first time at by Indomobil Group in cooperation with a global automotive distribution company, Inchcape.

Inchcape Plc. itself has entered into a global strategic partnership with Motor Company Limited (GWM).

In China, GWM or Great Wall is a leading private automobile company. Indonesia is said to be the first market for Inchcape where Inchcape and GWM have signed a distribution agreement.

Through this agreement, Inchcape will offer GWM superior distribution capabilities and this is the first market in which Inchcape will market a brand that primarily offers new energy vehicles.