Hyundai Is Introducing Updates And New Essential Variants With The New STARGAZER

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hyundai is introducing updates and new essential variants with the new stargazer d2348c0

DIKSIA.COM - PT Motors Indonesia (HMID) today officially unveiled the , showcasing updates for each variant of the vehicle line.

With this launch, is stepping up its efforts to make STARGAZER its flagship product line and responding to the market need for a Low Multi Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) with the best features and technology at a competitive price.

The launch took place on Monday (07/17/2023) at the Hyundai STARGAZER Studio, SCBD, South Jakarta.

The is the result of various customer feedback on the STARGAZER line. Therefore, its presence is an expression of Hyundai's commitment to offer the best vehicles specifically tailored to the needs of Indonesian consumers. With an improved product line, Hyundai is poised to continue to meet consumer needs for vehicles that are economical, reliable and feature-rich.

The new STARGAZER also presents the latest variant, ready to accompany the moments of togetherness for all Indonesian families.

The latest variant is called STARGAZER Essential and has been equipped with qualified functions to provide users and loved ones with the necessary convenience.

Woojune Cha, President and Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia said, “The presence of the new STARGAZER reinforces Hyundai's commitment to continue providing consumers across Indonesia with superior innovation and value for money in the LMPV segment.” All variants of the The new STARGAZER were also designed as the ideal companion for customer mobility, rounding off every moment and happiness with the family.”

Special features in STARGAZER Essential

Responding to the Indonesian people's needs for essential features in LMPV, Hyundai presents the Essential variant equipped with the iconic horizontal LED daytime running lights*** inspired by Indonesia's geographic location on the equator.

The distinctive H-taillight of the Hyundai STARGAZER Essential also features LED and bulb combination lights***, giving it an even more charming look.

The Hyundai STARGAZER Essential is also equipped with LED Multi-Focus Reflector Headlights (MFR)*** and an LED Position Lamp***, underlining the dynamic and futuristic impression of the vehicle.