Hyundai Optimistic Hydrogen Fueled Cars Will Be Popular

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DIKSIA.COM - SEOUL, In addition to producing electric vehicles, Motor Group (HMG) is also developing a -powered .

Chang Hwan Kim, head of Motor Group's battery development center, said his party is committed to consistently developing -powered cars.

“In 2013 we brought a hydrogen onto the market for the first time. Last year there were already 10,000 units of hydrogen cars. This number is increasing,” said Chang Hwan Kim of Hyundai's R&D office in Namyang, South Korea recently.

It's undeniable, said Chang Hwan Kim, that hydrogen-powered cars still seem stiff.

However, he believes that if the infrastructure in a country is good, the results will be satisfactory.

“Currently, hydrogen cars appear to be cumbersome and not widely used due to the need for supporting infrastructure. This is very important,” said Chang Hwan Kim.

In addition, Chang Hwan Kim is certain that hydrogen-powered cars will be as popular as electric cars.

In addition, hydrogen is more environmentally friendly than fuel.

It is also known that Hyundai has sold the Hyundai Nexo hydrogen-powered car.

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