In 2028 There Will Be Flying Cars In Jakarta

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DIKSIA.COM - SEOUL, Jakarta is known to be one of the busiest cities in the world.

The reason for this is that the number of vehicles keeps growing every day.

In this regard, Motor Group has come up with an innovation to overcome traffic jams in Jakarta.

Namely, is determined to build a flying car, or Urban Air Mobility.

Hyong Jun Kim explained how Hyundai's AAM Business Planning and Execution Team explained that this flying car should be operational in Jakarta in 2028.

“It will be released in Jakarta in 2028, we are also trying to produce the same UAM in Indonesia,” Hyong Jun Kim said in a recent meeting with Tribunnews in Seoul, South Korea.

In addition, there is no need to worry about air pollution as this flying car will be manufactured in an environmentally friendly way later.

Kim said the flying car would later propel itself on batteries.

In addition, he said his party had drawn up a manufacturing plan so that the cost of vehicles could be cheaper than existing aircraft, such as helicopters.

“We designed for manufacturability and lower cost compared to current aircraft systems,” he said.

Previously, Hyundai Motor Group and the Indonesian Capital Authority (IKN) agreed to work together to introduce flying cars and create smart city.

It is planned that the flying car will be tested in 2024.