Seven Parallel Parking Tips: Use The Figure 8 Technique And Apply The Handbrake If Necessary

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DIKSIA.COM - Some of the latest car models are equipped with parking sensors. This feature is useful to warn when there is an object near the vehicle.

The parking sensor function makes it easier for drivers to park in tight parking spaces.

According to Hariadi, Asst. According to PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales Head Service Department, some Suzuki car models are also equipped with a parking camera function at the rear of the car and a 360-degree camera for the GX version of the SUV.

It provides training on how to use this feature while also offering the opportunity for potential customers to take test drives at the dealership, including for .

According to Rio Octaviano, head of the Indonesian Parking Association (IPA), Sunday May 21, 2023, there are several things to consider when .

Here are the details:

1. Make sure the parking space is intended parallel to parking

When looking for a parking space, make sure that the location is actually required for parallel parking. Usually there is a special parallel parking sign prepared by the owner of the place.

When you start parallel parking, make sure you know exactly where your vehicle is. Check the distance of your car to the vehicles in front and behind and make sure your car is level with the car parked at the side.

2. Check if it is placed

To give other motorists a mark, you can turn on a marker light to indicate that you are parking.

This is done so that drivers of other cars can wait and not rush when the car parks in front of them.

3. Start backing into the parking lot

Parallel parking becomes easier and faster when the car reverses and enters the available parallel parking space rear-first.

Entering the parking lot front-first requires more maneuvers and time to park cleanly.

4. Use the technique in Diagram 8

With this technique, you can parallel park the car more easily. Start in the starting position parallel to the car on the side, then turn the steering wheel left or right depending on the parallel parking position, and then walk backwards until the back corner of your car reaches the parking corner.