The Feeling Of Visiting Hyundai Motorstudio In Korea, Not Just An Ordinary Auto Show

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DIKSIA.COM - SEOUL, Hyundai has an exhibition of Hyundai cars called in several countries, one of which is located in the South Korean city of Goyang.

Goyang will show a collection of Hyundai cars of various types and years of manufacture, as well as assembly technology of Hyundai cars.

Tribunnews had the opportunity to visit the Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang on Wednesday (12/07/2023).

Arriving in the lobby area, visitors can immediately see some of the latest Hyundai and Genesis cars including the Ioniq 5, Casper, Grandeur, Genesis GV60, G90, Nexo and an Xcient Pro L540 6X2 truck.

Interestingly, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 car hangs above it like in a spider's web with Spiderman.

At the Hyundai Motorstudio, visitors can see part of the Hyundai car manufacturing process. You can even feel Hyundai auto parts manufacturing like steel stamping and welding.

You can also experience the process of painting the body with robotic hands and installing components into the body, which also uses robots, up close. The guide gives a detailed explanation to each visitor.

Another activity that visitors can experience in this car studio is learning about the vehicle cabin and future connectivity technology. This studio details Hyundai's car safety technology, which works effectively in the event of an accident.

No less interesting: visitors can feel the feeling of reckless driving in 4D style, which is very sensational.

Tribunnews also had the opportunity to visit Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul. Goyang and Seoul experiences are 100 percent different.

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