With The Addition Of New Production Facilities, Daihatsu Will Electrify Production In 2025

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with the addition of new production facilities daihatsu will electrify production in 2025 36e3265

DIKSIA.COM - JAKARTA, (ADM) has opened a new assembly plant in , . The groundbreaking ceremony for assembly line 2 of the assembly plant took place on February 2, 2023.

This factory uses renewable energy that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent.

In addition, with an investment value of around IDR 2.9 trillion, the plant will adopt the E-SSC concept (Evolution, Simple, Slim, Compact) and have a production capacity of 140,000 units per year.

This factory is expected to officially start operations in 2025, with a focus on the production of electrified vehicles.

“Under the E-SSC concept, we will create electric vehicle (EV) production capacity in the future,” said Sri Agung Handayani, marketing director and corporate planning and communication director of , after the production ceremony for 8 million Daihatsu Units at Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), Sunter Assembly Plant, Jakarta, Friday (07/07/2023).

Although Daihatsu has presented the Rocky Hybrid and Ayla EV prototypes, unfortunately Daihatsu does not want to reveal which model will be manufactured in Indonesia for the first time.

“We will go there in 2025. (The model) will be announced later,” explained Sri Agung.

He added that currently up to 80 per cent of Daihatsu consumers are first-time buyers or first-time buyers with a popular price point of around Rs 300 million, which is not expected to make electrified vehicles very attractive.

“Eighty percent of Daihatsu's customers are first-time buyers. So we also have to look at the needs of the customers: Are they ready for , do they want to use a hybrid or electric drive? So we don't want to force it either. Not based on customers, but devices to the government, that's where we're going,” Sri Agung said.

Source: Tribunnews.com / Lita Febriani