The IPhone 15 Pro Max Is Said To Be More Expensive Than The IPhone 14 Pro Max, But It Has Exclusive Features

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the iphone 15 pro max is said to be more expensive than the iphone 14 pro max but it has exclusive features 0a9ed35

DIKSIA.COM - is expected to start mass production of the 15 series in August.

A technology analyst at Haitong International Tech Research, Jeff Pu, reveals that is on track to manufacture 84 million units by the end of 2023.

According to data from GSMArena, this figure is 12 percent higher than the production of the 14 series in the same period last year.

Jeff Pu also estimates that the price of the lowest variant of the will be higher than that of the .

The price of the currently starts at $1,099 in the US, or about 16.6 million rupees ($1 exchange rate = 15,135 rupees) and 1,449 euros in Europe, or about 23.8 million rupees (1-2019 exchange rate). euros = Rp. 16,479). ).

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs IDR 19.9 million for the 128GB variant.

Even though the price will be higher, Jeff Pu said that the will come with exclusive features that are not available on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple may equip the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a telephoto periscope lens that expands the optical zoom.

The latest rumors also state that the battery capacity of all iPhone 15 models will experience a capacity increase.

So far, Apple has not planned the official launch of the iPhone 15 series, but it is expected to happen in early September.

All four iPhone 15 models will reportedly use a USB-C connector.

Dynamic Island will also be available on the regular and Plus models, and all four have slightly curved frames.

Larger battery capacity

Leaks allegedly coming from Foxconn factory insiders say that the iPhone 15 series battery will have a larger capacity.

Again quoted by GSMArena, the iPhone 15 is said to have a 3,877 mAh battery and the iPhone 15 Plus 4,912 mAh.

Then the iPhone 15 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,650 mAh and the iPhone 15 Pro Max has 4,852 mAh.

As is known, the iPhone 14 has a battery capacity of 3,279 mAh and the iPhone 14 Plus has a 4,323 mAh battery.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,200mAh and the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the same 4,323mAh as the Plus.